Learn how to build effective teams

Any business or department wants their team to be excellent to deliver outstanding results. But how do you build an effective team? Follow the article below. 1. What is an effective team? An effective team is a collection of people with complementary skills and knowledge who work together to achieve a common goal. And to build an effective working group, business needs to consider the following factors: Clear purpose –...
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Changing leadership mindset in the 4.0 era

Leadership mindset is very vital in the digital age and is a contributing factor to business development. But more than 80% of businesses today have not yet applied digital transformation and missed many development opportunities. This is influenced by a leader's mindset because they are not ready to change. Let's find out with BEMO the role of leadership thinking in the 4.0 era as well as how to innovate that...
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Efficient cross-selling skill for salesman

Cross-selling term is applied a lot in the lecture hall, and enterprises also use a lot in business strategies to increase sales performance. Follow today's article to learn how this concept benefits businesses, and you'll learn how to apply them in sales tactics. 1. What is cross-selling? Cross-selling is a well-known concept in business and is used by many famous brands in marketing and sales strategies. Specifically, in addition to...
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Tips: Convince leaders to innovate with technology

Leadership persuasion is a formidable skill and requires innovators who have to be skillful with wise tactics. So, in this article, BEMO will suggest 3 simple tips to convince your superiors to deploy new technology for smoother operation. 1. Support from colleagues Have you ever heard “many a little makes a mickle”? This quote holds true for the collective environment, as most leaders will listen to more employees than an...
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Tips: Practice effective persuasion skills

Persuasion skills are paying attention in today's society, because they bring great benefits to individuals and businesses. Today's article, BEMO will help you improve this skill to go further in your career, as well as improve your self-worth in society. 1. What are persuasion skills? The skill of persuasion is understood that you use words or texts with clear arguments to make others who agree and act with your views...
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Methods to foster employees’ culture of creativity and innovation

The creativity of employees is encouraged by leaders to contribute to the innovation of the business. However, it’s not easy to do that because the business must have a strategy to promote the culture of creativity and innovation. In this article, BEMO will help businesses stimulate ideas from employees using the 5 methods below. 1. Tell stories that involve creativity To strengthen employees’ creativity, leaders should share stories about how...
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How to improve communication skills in the digital age?

Practicing communication skills effectively requires many factors and the communicator must know how to grasp the psychological behavior of the other person quickly. But many people do not really understand the importance of this skill leading to many mistakes in communicating with others. Thus, in this article, BEMO will help you better understand the essence of communication skills as well as offer ways to enhance this skill. 1. What are...
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Improve job arrangement skills for newcomers

In an organization, each individual may have a lot of tasks to complete requiring them the skills to organize work to bring out the best results. But most of the newcomers lack this skill and cannot work efficiently. In this article, BEMO will help you improve your work arrangement skills to enhance your self-worth. 1. What is a work arrangement skill? For a worker, the skill of organizing work is...
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Inspirational skills, giving confidence to boost employee performance

Inspirational skills are known as a vital leadership element for raising employee morale, but not everyone can do it. Therefore, BEMO will help you with some suggestions in the art of inspiring, to improve employee performance in the following article. 1. What are inspirational skills? It can be said that the skill of inspiration is the ability of a leader to create enthusiasm for employees to work hard and achieve...
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