Chuyển đổi số là gì? Xu hướng tất yếu của thời đại 4.0

What is digital transformation? The inevitable trend of the 4.0 era 

Organizations in the technology sector are increasingly concerned about digital transformation. No matter what field an enterprise operates in, it must focus on transformation to increase experience and business results. So what is digital transformation? Let’s find out with Bemo Cloud through the following article! 

1. What is digital transformation? 

Digital transformation is a concept that appears popular in the mass media, but it is difficult to comprehend. Due to the fact that this process is applied and carried out separately in each field.

Utilizing digital technology, it is possible to change operating methods, structure models, and increase use value. Implementing and continuously improving this process is crucial to achieving success.

Digital transformation in enterprise
Learn the concept of digital transformation. Source: Pinterest

2. Benefits of digital transformation that enterprises don’t expect 

Vietnamese as well as international organizations are increasingly relying on digital transformation. Through its capabilities, it can help grow the organization, improve results, save money, and maximize revenue potential. In addition, there are many outstanding benefits below: 

2.1. Enables seamless data source access 

Previously, the human resources team faced many obstacles when managing operations and internal information manually. Today, digital transformation helps enterprises effectively manage and exploit available resources. 

Specifically, it provides access to open data sources such as indicators, performance results, conversion rates, customer satisfaction levels, etc. By organizing the data visually, enterprises can make it easier for users to access the data. 

2.2. Strict administration and quick access to information 

Digitization of information and data is an inevitable part of the transformation process. Thus, departments can easily search, retrieve, and report whenever they want.    

The system can also be used to speed up the management process, automate operations, classify specific information, analyze details, etc., to support leaders in making beneficial business decisions. 

Automation in enterprise
Automated and comprehensive management system Source: Pinterest

2.3. Improve customer experience   

Digital platforms help enterprises find and reach potential customers quickly and easily. Moreover, it provides enterprises with favorable conditions to respond to changing customer needs promptly.  

Most software supports recording the shopping journey, increasing the opportunity for organizations to upgrade and improve services. 

  • Producing products that exactly meet the need. 
  • Understand buying behavior to build a unique strategy. 
  • Dedicated care, building trust and loyalty to the brand. 

2.4. Increased competitiveness 

Digital transformation is a must in the ever-evolving digital era. Digital transformation has to be understood by enterprises in order to apply it quickly.  

Modern technologies and techniques allow enterprises to expand and improve production and service processes, which improves product quality but at a very affordable price. Enterprises meet the needs of consumers and are trusted and supported by them. Therefore, in the near future, the enterprise will outperform its competitors due to its rapid growth and its strong competitive capacity. 

3. How to do digital transformation quickly and effectively for SMEs? 

3.1. Assess the actual situation in enterprise activities 

  • Identifying human resources and market economic trends 

Factors such as customers’ benefits, competitors’ positions, barriers, and product development opportunities influence enterprise strategies, long-term plans, and operational goals. 

3.2. Planning provides a strategic vision 

 There are many aspects to the planning process, including:   

  • Build vision mission (opportunities, challenges) in the future. 
  • Identify market segments to apply the right technology solutions. 
  • Developing enterpise activities and shaping their scale. 
How to convert numbers quickly
How to convert numbers quickly and effectively Source: Pinterest

3.3. Decide on a digital platform 

 Investing in digital transformation requires a special attention from the leadership in terms of economic and financial capacity. Once you’ve determined your scale, operating structure, and urgent needs, choose engineering software that matches those requirements.  

A user-friendly interface, standardization of processes and comprehensive and effective automation are key criteria. 

3.4. Implementation and implementation of the plan 

What are the operations to be performed during digital transformation? 

  • As technology is introduced into the general operating process, it should be installed, tested, and adapted to the enterprise’ operating system. 
  • Introduce new tools to employees through a pilot program. 
  • Establish policies and standard performance metrics. 
  • Periodic assessment: costs, features incurred. 
  • Take measures to deal with risks encountered at each stage and monitor the results achieved. 

I hope you have gained a better understanding of the concept of digital transformation from this article. There are several factors to consider in this process, including human resources, a standard roadmap, and a reliable “co-worker”. SMEs will benefit from Bemo Cloud’s comprehensive technology support solutions. We are confident in our ability to help you gain access to, integrate, and administer the digital platform.