Learn how to build effective teams

Any company or department wants their team to be excellent and harmonious in order to produce exceptional business results. But how do you put together an effective team? Continue reading the article below. 1. What exactly is an effective team? [caption id="attachment_5599" align="alignnone" width="720"] What do businesses need to do for employees to develop teamwork skills? Source: Insead.edu[/caption] Effective teams bring people with complementary skills and knowledge together to work...
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Changing leadership mindset in the 4.0 era

Leadership mindset is critical in the digital age and is a key factor in business development. However, more than 80% of businesses have yet to implement digital transformation and have thus missed out on many opportunities for growth. This has an impact on thought leaders because they are not yet ready for change. Let's explore the role of leadership thinking in the 4.0 era, as well as how to innovate...
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Efficient cross-selling skill for salesman

Cross-selling is a term that is frequently used in lecture halls and by businesses in business strategies to increase sales performance. Follow along today to learn how this concept can help your business and how to use it in your sales tactics. 1. What is cross-selling? [caption id="attachment_6902" align="aligncenter" width="720"] What is cross-selling? Source: LinkedIn.[/caption] Cross-selling is a business concept used by many well-known brands in their marketing and sales...
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Tips: Convince leaders to innovate with technology

A persuasive leader must be skillful and clever while employing clever tactics in order to persuade others. You will learn 3 simple tips in this article with BEMO about how to convince your superiors to deploy new technology, making work more convenient and modern. 1. Support from colleagues Have you ever heard of “contributing the wind into a storm”? Most leaders will listen to more employees than to just one...
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A few simple tips help to improve performance

Individuals and businesses benefit greatly from the ability to persuade others. It has become increasingly difficult to select information and convey it to others when people are exposed to too much information. Today's article, BEMO will help you improve these soft skills to go further in your career and enhance your self-worth in society. 1. What are persuasion skills? [caption id="attachment_6556" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Are persuasion skills really important? Source: LinkedIn.[/caption]...
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5 simple ways to turn employees’ creativity

The creativity of employees is always encouraged to contribute to the innovation of the enterprise. However, the business side must promote the creative capacity of its employees in order to accomplish this. BEMO offers five easy suggestions for businesses that want to stimulate employee contributions to ideas. 1. Tell stories related to creativity For employees to be more creative, leaders should share innovation success stories from large corporations or business...
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How to improve communication skills in the digital age?

Practicing communication skills effectively requires many factors and the communicator must know how to grasp the psychological behavior of the other person quickly. But many people do not really understand the importance of this skill leading to many mistakes in communicating with others. Thus, in this article, BEMO will help you better understand the essence of communication skills as well as offer ways to enhance this skill. 1. What are...
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Improve job arrangement skills for newcomers

In an organization, each individual may have a lot of tasks to complete, requiring them to have the skill to organize their work to meet deadlines and still deliver the best results. However, most of the new graduates or newly employed people lack this soft skill, leading to low work productivity. In this article, BEMO will help you improve your work arrangement skills to improve work performance, and balance between...
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Inspiring – a must-have skill for a leader in the digital age

Seventy-five percent of employees leave their companies because they find no motivation or moral value. In order to boost team productivity and morale, managers' inspirational skills are important. So What makes you an inspiration? We'll find out through Bemo's article below. 1. What are inspirational skills? [caption id="attachment_6911" align="aligncenter" width="720"] What are inspirational skills? Who needs to learn this skill? Source: giaphapmarketing.com[/caption] In order to motivate employees to perform well,...
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