1. Content classification in Bemo Cloud software updated




Type of update





Usage status of customers when upgrading


Regulatory announcement










Following is a description of the new feature:

 – Depending on the product development plan and timeline, the first notice is given 10-20 days in

advance to customers and relevant departments.




New features updates


– A whole new feature


– The old features are edited and upgraded with significant logical changes that can alter customer behavior or

application scope.

During the upgrade,

customers can take time off or continue to use the service.

Depending on the upgrade, the user might have to


– A second notification is sent to the customer two days in advance to

remind them of the preparation.


– The customer

receives third notice 24 hours in advance.

   – A fourth notification is sent to the customers if the process is successful.









Bug Fix Update and small feature





– Software Patches and Updates


– Small changes to the user interface or utility do not impair the logic of use.







Insignificant pause and might be used during the upgrade.

– If it is a situation of a specific patch, notify the relevant

consumer via the

account and customer service team.


– Customers can be notified of crucial new developments

and content updates.










Server update



– Customers will be migrated or updated to another server.


– Upgrading and maintaining the hardware that requires pausing the server.


– The server is incident due to a maintenance schedule, and the Cloud provider has

reported the issue.







The status is paused depending on the announced time. The average time ranges from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

– When there is a specified timetable or adjustments coming

from the server service provider, notify customers 24 hours in advance or sooner.


– Notify customers 30 minutes in

advance before the upgrade time.


2. Process for updating new features




Steps names






Execution time

Upgrade planning 



Step 1



Monthly planning for software upgrades.




Marketing PTSP



From the 24th to the 27th of the previous month.


Step 2

Announce software upgrade process for customers and the whole

company during the month




From the 28th to the 29th of the previous month.

Software Upgrade





Step 3





Notice to customers







1st time: 3 days before 2nd time: Before 24 hours

3rd time: After a successful update




Step 4




Internal Notice and Website





Internal notice: Before 24 hours Notice on Website: 3 days in


Step 5Updated Guideline and FAQPTSPUpdate user manual: Before 24h


  • The update time will be given absolute priority on Saturday and Sunday evenings of the week.
  • There may still be bugs after the update; Bemo Cloud will prioritize and fix bugs