CRM là gì?

What is CRM? What is the purpose of this enterprise label tool?

Building good relationships with customers has been a priority for many enterprises for a long time. Enterprises invest in CRM tools not just to take care of customers, but also to improve their productivity. What are the advantages of CRM that have made it an indispensable part of many enterprises? Here is a satisfactory answer to your question. 

CRM Software
What is CRM software that many businesses have invested in to serve the customer care process?

 1. What is CRM?

CRM is interpreted as Customer Relationship Management. Building and improving customer relationships through CRM involves technology and strategy. In addition to attracting customers, nurturing them, improving satisfaction, and increasing sales, they are known as a system that helps enterprises increase their conversion rates. 

2. Why CRM is considered a spearhead tool of enterprises? 

  Two main reasons make CRM a spearhead tool for enterprises in the eyes of economists.  

2.1. CRM affects 3 important objects in the enterprise 

  • Customers: This is the target group of the CRM system. A CRM system gives consumers a sense of being cared for, optimizing convenience, and saving time before, during, and after a purchase.  
  • Employees: The main object of CRM input data collection and output data receiving. Through the system, employees can engage with customers more easily, interact with them more efficiently, and collect data more efficiently, which will help the enterprise attract and retain customers. 
  • Administrators: Those in charge of making decisions, adjusting the strategy on the basis of actual data, analytical charts, and much more that the CRM system provides. 

2.2. Benefits of CRM for enterprise 

It is no coincidence that in Vietnam, many enterprises are investing in CRM systems. So what are the benefits of CRM that administrators liken to an effective tool compatible with many different industries? Thanks to it, enterprises have achieved further steps, reaping huge profits that this tool brings: 

  • Enhance employee-customer interaction  
  • Product revenue is directly impacted by increased coordination between departments  
  • Enhance customer satisfaction when using products/services by increasing conversion rates  
  • Building a brand image that is prestigious and of high quality in the minds of consumers  
  • Eliminate inefficient activities, stereotypes in enterprise processes  
  • A good understanding of user psychology provides strong support for marketing campaigns 
Benefits of CRM software
CRM plays a significant role in your customer care journey. Sources: Pinterest

3. What type of enterprise is CRM applicable to? 

Any organization focused on customer acquisition strategy should have a CRM solution. Irrespective of whether the enterprise operates through B2B or B2C… CRM systems can be managed and operated effectively. Consumer goods, fashion, cosmetics, e-commerce, among others, require the support of a CRM system. 

Additionally, BEMO’s CRM software provides organizations of various types with features that are applicable to the above enterprise areas: 

  • Target-oriented: Sales targets will be assigned to each employee by management through the system. Employees will raise awareness and set realistic goals thanks to the fact that their KPIs are clearly defined and measurable in real time, so their work performance will be better. 
  • All sales, marketing, and financial data are poured into CRM: This allows administrators to get accurate measurements, analyze and make reasonable adjustments based on sales, marketing, and financial data. CRM data can also be used by leaders to plan a long-term master plan based on consumer habits. 
  • Record the history of conversations that have been interacted with customers: A special feature of BEMO’s CRM system is its support of more effective use by users. Customers can be contacted using multiple channels (email, facebook, zalo, etc.). By monitoring and reviewing conversations, employees can take better care of customers next time. 
The outstanding features of the CRM solution
The outstanding features of the CRM solution at BEMO can be the ideal choice for your enterprises. Sources: Pinterest

I appreciate you taking the time to accompany BEMO as he learns what CRM is. The application of smart technology to customer care has brought new breakthroughs to enterprises. You can reach BEMO via hotline 0865 994 039 or by email for detailed information if you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your administration process.