We know that it is vital to users that their personal information is kept private and secure, so
Bemo Cloud strives to protect the privacy of its users.

When Bemo Cloud Users use the services provided by Bemo Cloud, their personal information is collected and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Users who use Bemo Cloud’s
services agree to our Privacy Policy when they use Bemo Cloud’s services. Bemo Cloud may
amend the content of the policy by posting an amendment to Bemo Cloud’s systems, the revised version taking effect from the time of posting. If a Bemo Cloud User continues to use the

Service, it means that the Bemo Cloud User accepts and definitely agrees to abide by the most
updated Terms of Use.

1. Users of Bemo Cloud are required to provide the following information

In order to fully use Bemo Cloud’s software products, users must register for membership and provide their personal information. Bemo Cloud requires the Bemo Cloud User to provide basic information, which includes but not limited to the following information about the Bemo Cloud’s User:

  • Business & company name, store, business unit
  • Full name, age, residence address
  • Email, phone number, telephone numbers
  • IP address (Internet Protocol), Web-Browser Types (Browser), line speed, number of pages Bemo Cloud User viewed, time Bemo Cloud User accesses the website, the addresses accessed in the browser.
    All user information provided to Bemo Cloud will be stored on Bemo Cloud’s system at its office. In case of questions about how Bemo Cloud collects and processes personal information, users can contact:


  • Head office: BAP Building, 180-182 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Thanh Khe, Da Nang.
  • HCM Branch: BAP Building, 236/29/18 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, HCM
  • Hue branch: 5th floor, 28 Ly Thuong Kiet, Vinh Ninh, Hue city.

Phone number, email address or other online contact:

  • Phone number: 0865 994 039 
  • Support: support@bemo.cloud
  • Sales: sales@bemo.cloud

2. Definition

Explanation of definitions:

  • “Customer”: Customer of Bemo Cloud.
  • “Customer Data”: Information in electronic form, such as reports, addresses, files, folders, and
    other documents stored by Service Users.
  • “Personal Data”: Information relating to an identified or identifiable individual Public Area”: Areas on the Website that can be accessed without logging in by both Users and Visitors.
  • “Restricted Area”: A part of the website that can only be accessed by users and where logging in
    is required.
  • “User”: Employee, agent, or representative of the Customer who primarily uses restricted areas of the Website for the purpose of accessing the Service in that capacity.
  • “Visitor”: A non-user who uses public areas, but does not have access to restricted areas of the
    Website or Services.

3. How does Bemo Cloud protect and store user data?

Bemo Cloud archives and processes personal information about Bemo Cloud Users on a server, Bemo Cloud protects it with physical and electronic safeguards, including: firewalls, data encryption and enforcement used in accordance with the provisions of the law on information security. Bemo Cloud enforces physical access control information, and Bemo Cloud allows access to personal information only to those employees who need it to fulfill their job responsibilities within the Bemo Cloud system.

4. When is Bemo Cloud user data stored in the Bemo Cloud system?

Bemo Cloud’s mission is to provide an overall corporate management solution, tackling all administrative-related challenges in the organization to save time and money. As a result, Bemo Cloud stores Bemo Cloud Users’ personal information in order to:

  • Provide information, services and support requested by Bemo Cloud Users.
  • Send emails to notify Bemo Cloud’s typical programs and events.
  • Resolve disputes, arising issues related to the use of Bemo Cloud features.
  • Prevent illegal or prohibited activities outlined in the Terms of Use.
  • Measure and improve Bemo Cloud services.
  • Compare and contrast the accuracy of information provided by Bemo Cloud Users with third parties.
  • Other purposes permitted by law and Bemo Cloud will notify Bemo Cloud Users on a case-by-case basis.

When using software features, Bemo Cloud User understands and accepts that Bemo Cloud has access to data on User’s Bemo Cloud linked phone, such as: reading and writing to the phone book, getting the Bemo Cloud User’s current location, writing data from the Bemo Cloud Website/Bemo Cloud App to the memory card, and accessing the Internet from the Bemo Cloud User’s device.

Bemo Cloud makes all of these accesses with the consent of the Bemo Cloud User. Once a Bemo Cloud User grants permission to Bemo Cloud, all parties agree that the Bemo Cloud User will have no claim to this access.

Bemo Cloud is committed to absolutely keeping all information of Bemo Cloud Users private when using Bemo Cloud software and applications. Bemo Cloud will not disclose it to third parties unless approved by the Bemo Cloud User or required by competent governmental or legal authorities. Bemo Cloud only changes the information of the Bemo Cloud User on the Bemo Cloud application with the consent or confirmation of the Bemo Cloud User’s request.

5. What should Bemo Cloud users do to keep their data safe?

After completing the handover services, Bemo Cloud User is the only unit that owns and is
responsible for securely managing his/her identification information, account, and password. Users of Bemo Cloud can log in to their accounts to change information, and they have the right to request that Bemo Cloud check, update, adjust, or cancel their personal information registered with Bemo Cloud.

Bemo Cloud will check, update, adjust, cancel the personal information of Bemo Cloud Users upon request, or provide the subject information tools to self-check, update and adjust information his personal. Bemo Cloud only supports Bemo Cloud Users through an account that is actively provided by Bemo Cloud by Bemo Cloud Users.

When Bemo Cloud users detect illegal access to their accounts or security flaws, such as loss, theft, or disclosure of passwords and other security information, they should immediately contact Bemo Cloud for assistance.

Users of Bemo Cloud are solely responsible for the content of emails sent from their account’s mailbox. Bemo Cloud suggests that users update their password after providing it to the relevant persons for the purpose of facilitating its use. Bemo Cloud is not liable for unauthorized access by third parties caused by Bemo Cloud Users’negligence.

6. Which individuals or organizations have access to Bemo Cloud user information?

Bemo Cloud is committed to not disclosing personal information about its users to third parties. Other individuals and organizations, however, may gain access to Bemo Cloud User information in the following circumstances:

  • That information was made public by Bemo Cloud User.
  • Bemo Cloud is accepted by Bemo Cloud Users to disclose this information.
  • Bemo Cloud User authorized third party with notarized, certified documentation
  • In response to a legal request or a request from a governmental agency, or if Bemo Cloud believes such action is required to comply with legal requirements or the law.
  • Protecting someone else’s rights, interests, property, and safety while balancing the interests of all parties.
  • To other third parties with whom Bemo Cloud has a joint venture or association to provide services on Bemo Cloud or new services related to Bemo Cloud with which Bemo Cloud Users are also using affiliated services there.

7. Handling customer complaints

For all comments and complaints, Bemo Cloud users please send them to Bemo Cloud at Email:
support@bemo.cloud or call customer service hotline: 0865 994 039  or contact directly:

  • Head office: BAP Building, 180-182 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Thanh Khe, Da Nang.
  • HCM Branch: BAP Building, 236/29/18 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, HCM
  • Hue branch: 5th floor, 28 Ly Thuong Kiet, Vinh Ninh, Hue city.

Bemo Cloud will have a processing time based on the complexity of the complaint. The outcomes of complaint settlements will be communicated to Bemo Cloud users. In case of necessity, Bemo Cloud can invite complainants to work directly. Bemo Cloud will always make every effort to resolve Bemo Cloud Users’ complaints as soon as possible and in the spirit of negotiation, mediation, respect, and mutual benefits.