Why is enterprise ERP unsuitable? When should ERP be implemented?

In terms of ERP for businesses, there are still many medium and large companies that dismiss this solution as unsuitable for their organizations. However, most businesses are unaware of the root cause, as well as how to begin properly implementing ERP. 1. Need time to validate the efficiency of the ERP System. Scaling is a priority for businesses that have been firmly established in the market for many years and...
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Business ERP implementation failures due to 6 reasons in Vietnam

ERP implementations fail for a variety of reasons, including excessive costs and a lack of results after implementation. However, these are not the primary reasons for the failure of the digital transformation with ERP. So, what's the big deal? Learn more in the article below For medium-sized businesses and above, management almost always intends to build a professional management system like ERP, but the majority of them make the following...
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What is ERP? How to solve business problems by ERP?

Nowadays, besides technology applications that help businesses solve many management problems, the digital transformation process has also become an important competitive advantage. A typical example is the ERP system - Enterprise Resources Planning, a recognized solution that brings to long-term economic benefits. But at present, in Vietnam, there are many medium and large enterprises that have not yet approached and understood the core value of this system. The following article...
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