ERP solution to effectively assign tasks to increase human resource efficiency

1. Difficulties in the department's job assignment process At present, digital transformation is inevitable if businesses want to grow. However, the reality shows that many businesses manage work based on emails and papers, which takes a lot of time to search, track progress, even overlap, and productivity is not high. For administrators, especially For frequent business trips, or having to go out to meet customers, with manual management that will...
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[CASE STUDY] ERP For Business’s software production

1. BAP IT CO., JSC Field: software production services Scale: 350 employees, 5 branches in 2 countries Scope of application: enterprise-wide 2. Pre-transformation problems? Each department uses a different tool and software such as internal communication using Slack, or integrating Jira or Trello to manage work, Misa for accounting,... this makes the data flow which is not transparent. The management levels do not have an overview of the business in...
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ERP optimizes business effectively to bring sustainable profits

Bulky sales processes are a major cause of business failure. This article will help you see how ERP has built the sales process of the business to bring sustainable business performance. 1. Difficulties in the traditional sales process As the business scale grows, which requires the sales team to ensure uniformity and speed to meet customer needs. But most Vietnamese businesses have not digitalized the entire sales process, and face...
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How Business assets are strictly managed with ERP?

Asset management is very important for every business, because when the process is loosed, it is easy to lose and damage, and the efficiency of the use of assets cannot be calculated. Therefore, during digital transformation, the asset management process on ERP will optimize the gaps in the operation when all allocation, use, and maintenance activities are standardized. 1. Challenges in asset management of enterprises The size of the business...
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Does ERP bring the effectiveness in CRM for business?

When implementing the ERP system, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is focused by many businesses, because it is a tool to connect and build close networking with prospects. Let's find out how this module will help businesses grow in this article. 1. What is CRM? The concept of Customer Relationship Management is known as CRM and is quite new to Vietnamese businesses, and this is a sharp weapon to help...
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BEMO – the solution in human resource management

Human resource management with the ERP module brings great benefits in solving the challenges of enterprises and the human resources departments. But the majority of mid and large-sized companies still can't decide whether they should implement ERP since they need a lot of information to verify the effectiveness. This article will show you how ERP has solved the difficulties in human resource management. 1. The pains in human resource management:...
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