Bemo Cloud aspires and aims to build an instant, continuous, two-way interactive customer care service. As a result, we commit to the following service quality to assure the software’s steady operation for customers:

1. Software error: Requests related to system error, interface error, calculation logic error 

Fatal exception error include:

– The software cannot be used due to a system error

– Error related to user security

– The software cannot be manipulated by an interface fault.

Regardless of the time, respond and process within one hour.
Normal errors include

– Incorrect calculating results are caused by logical errors.

– Sync Error: missing data

Respond: 1 days Processing time: 3 days
The none-serious error

–Error related to the interface’s display or format.

– The error appears on outdated browsers or devices.

– Error that is equivalent to a request for software modification

– The error does not have a great impact but causes inconvenience to users.

Respond: 1 days Processing time: 3 days


2. Upgrade features: Requests related to upgrading experience, new features

Improve customer experience

The requirements are not overly complex in order to improve the consumer experience better.

Respond: 3 days Processing time: 7 days
Feature Updates

Consumer request resulted in the enhancement of an existing feature.

Respond: 3 days

Processing time: No commitment

New Feature Development

Customer request equals a completely new feature.

Answer: 3 days

Processing time: No time commitment

3. Instructions& Installation: Requirements related to the software installation and use instructions



Request or inquire about how to use the software functionality.

Answer: 1 hour Processing time: 4 hours
Simple installation

Simple installation, and implementation takes less than one working hour.

Answer: 4 hours Processing time: 4 hours
Complex Installation (chargeable)

The installation requirements are complex, and the implementation duration exceeds 1 hour, such as

Answer: 4 hours

Processing time: Depending on each service request



timesheet setting, payroll setting, report setting, and new process setting… 
Contract checking

Requests related to contracts, reconciliation, charging, promotions.

Answer: 4 hours Processing time: 24 hours

Questions and requests on technology and infrastructure, such as API integration, integration with other software, infrastructure, security, monthly data backup…

Answer: 1 day

Processing time: No commitment, depending on each specific case





1. General provision:

  • Customer Service Orientation: Bemo Cloud desires and aims to build an instant, continuous, two-way interactive customer care service. Satisfying client expectations by prioritizing the resolution of large problems, tough problems, multi-customer-requested problems, and then the user experience interface.
  • Bemo Cloud listening to all opinions: Bemo Cloud is constantly open to customer suggestions for improving, upgrading, or developing new  Before deciding to update or create a request, Bemo Cloud will assess whether it is acceptable and required for the majority of customers. Bemo Cloud has the discretion regarding software upgrades and development.

Agree: Bemo Cloud agrees to do it, the implementation time is given and committed by Bemo Cloud

Disclaimer: Bemo Cloud refuses to develop that feature Already available: The software already has that feature

Attribution: Bemo Cloud welcomes suggestions but does not commit to implementation time

 2. Customer Service Channels

  • Channels for receiving: Ticket, Zalo, Facebook, Callcentre…
  • Answer channel: Only on 24/7 support module
  • Receptionist: Any Bemo Cloudemployee
  • Answering department: Personnel in charge of receiving ticketswork

3. Customer care

  • Working hours for receiving and responding are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily, including weekends and public holidays.
  • Processing hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m
  • Response and processing time as SLAtable
  • If the customer does not respond within 24 hours after receiving the completed confirmation request, the system will automatically confirm the ticket.
  • Within at least 24 hours and with at least 3 failed attempts to contact the customer,Bemo Cloud is entitled to cancel the ticket.