Learn how to build effective teams

Any business or department wants their team to be excellent to deliver outstanding results. But how do you build an effective team? Follow the article below.

1. What is an effective team?


An effective team is a collection of people with complementary skills and knowledge who work together to achieve a common goal. And to build an effective working group, business needs to consider the following factors:

  • Clear purpose – Team members must clearly understand and strive to achieve the set goals, and they know tasks to be done and its importance. In addition, performance goals must be challenging and goal-oriented. Each team member has specific tasks and is connected together in the chain of work and goals.
  • Empowerment – A performance team must always be energized by updating business situations, policies to promote the ability of members. In addition, the group is always given certain permissions to make decisions at work, as well as issues related to common goals. Besides, the department always organizes training, guidance, and support for all members to improve their ability to go further.
  • Effective communication – The contributions and ideas of the members are recognized and considered by the team leader. Along with that, all members have the skills to listen and receive each other’s ideas to solve problems together. More specifically, they are trained in conflict resolution and mediation,  so they know how to communicate effectively. Besides, each member of the group respects each other’s culture, way of life, age, as well as caring for each other.
  • Flexibility – Building a successful effective team requires flexibility in work such as support, responsibility-sharing, guidance for new members. Moreover, every member has the ability to adapt to change and quickly have solutions to problems. And they always see mistakes as learning to grow, instead of giving up.
  • Optimizing output efficiency – Productive teams always have high work achievements and are never late for deadlines. Also, the team works at maximum capacity to deliver results beyond expectations, and they have the ability to solve problems that arise and make decisions as well. Along with that, they always have a cooperative attitude with other departments to bring the best quality of work.
  • Acknowledged for achievements – Team leaders give recognition to team members for their achievements. Furthermore, all members of the team have no rivalry, instead, appreciate their teammates. And they always have cohesive activities to celebrate the success of the group.

2. Stages to go through when building a working group


There are many ways to build a working group, but in general, these go through 4 stages including:

  • Initialization – This is the first step to build a group, because the members may not have revealed their full abilities, and management levels or leaders should let each member who tries their leadership ability. Remember that this phase will not have immediate results, it will take time.
  • Breakthrough and disagreement – ​​At this stage, the team leader or management levels must navigate members to focus on a shared goal, because they have just joined to work together and are still confused with new tasks that they never do before. Therefore, senior leaders need to face their arguments and reasons. But thanks to it, they will have the opportunity to collide with each other to collaborate in the future.
  • In the stable stage – After a period of working, the members get used to each other’s personalities, as well as understand how to work better. This will reduce conflict, and they tend to focus on work, solving problems. Management levels, team leaders can motivate them with more challenging tasks to increase team spirit.
  • Completing an effective team – Over time, all members have grasped the strengths of their teammates, and shared goals quickly, with clear tasks. At this time, they are open, trusting, supportive, and they will offer a contributing point of view, instead of dismissing it as before. Besides, members will show flexibility in making decisions for ideas and tasks, and being responsible for the outputs as well. This is the stage where your team-building work is productive.

Above is the information about building an effective working group that you need to grasp in the process of administration, and to have a team like above, you must patiently observe and act through the planning stages. It is important for leaders to integrate the team’s workflow so that they collide to solve problems together, and from there, they are able to understand and support teammates better.