ERP solution to effectively assign tasks to increase human resource efficiency

1. Difficulties in the department’s job assignment process


At present, digital transformation is inevitable if businesses want to grow. However, the reality shows that many businesses manage work based on emails and papers, which takes a lot of time to search, track progress, even overlap, and productivity is not high.

For administrators, especially For frequent business trips, or having to go out to meet customers, with manual management that will be difficult to grasp the work status or when assigning tasks, they must record in the work schedule to remind employees to complete tasks.

For employees, if they don’t know how to organize their work, it’s easy to skip or forget things to do, even don’t know which things are important to handle as a priority… That leads to employees not being able to complete all tasks, boredom, even thinking that management levels “force” themselves, causing disunity and work motivation.

In addition, the work link in the departments is not uniform, because the workflow is not linked, the efficiency of the department is also decreased.

Will you continue with the old management, or maintain the current status? With 4.0 technology, state-of-the-art software is born to help businesses unleash their potential and develop dramatically. Therefore, businesses must consider a comprehensive management solution from ERP.

2. ERP brings smart work efficiency to businesses


Implementing ERP is a smart step to optimize work performance with a workflow that includes:

  • Management levels can control departmental work items with a detailed table of employee’s work, including completion status, late work or not…for make-up plans.
  • The planning of delegating work is easier because the system can analyze the performance of each employee so that the management levels can divide according to their working capacity.
  • Increase transparency in employee evaluation, motivate employees to contribute their best.
  • The statistical reports are clear, accurate, close to real-time and can be flexibly customized for administrative purposes.

Thanks to the job management module BEMO ERP has helped businesses eliminate the traditional inefficient way of doing things:

  • Optimize the efficiency of resource use, increase work efficiency, and enhance the initiative of employees as well.
  • Administrators can manage projects, evaluate their effectiveness. All financial data can also be linked to the software, helping businesses come up with the right strategies.

If you are intending to apply an ERP system for your business, you can contact and experience the features at the most competitive cost before converting a complex system.