ERP optimizes business effectively to bring sustainable profits

Bulky sales processes are a major cause of business failure. This article will help you see how ERP has built the sales process of the business to bring sustainable business performance.

1. Difficulties in the traditional sales process


As the business scale grows, which requires the sales team to ensure uniformity and speed to meet customer needs. But most Vietnamese businesses have not digitalized the entire sales process, and face many difficulties in operation:

  • Time-consuming for the sales process – In the buying process, customer experience is very important, and if the sales process is complicated, it will highly affect the conversion rate. For example, when the sales department uses a stand-alone sales system, the salesperson must check the inventory by calling or emailing the relevant department to check out, and then respond to the customer. This saves time for both employees and customers.
  • Difficult to make accurate statistics – Reports from the sales department are very important. Managers rely on sales reports to be able to make appropriate business strategies. However, without an analytical system, it will be difficult for the sales department to analyze transaction history, customer behavior, or management levels cannot see how the communication between employees and customers is. ., as well as the exact statistics of how much revenue each employee generates.
  • Management of promotions and advertising takes a lot of effort: Customers are the life source of the business. Programs to accumulate points, exchange gifts, incentives… are always attractive. This helps businesses increase sales significantly. However, as the number of customers increases, it also becomes more difficult to control.

Therefore, businesses need to consider digital transformation, specifically building an ERP system to help comprehensive sales management.

2. ERP solutions in sales management to maximize profits


Replacing manual processes brings significant business performance to enterprises with ERP:

Efficient warehouse management, and quickly updating inventory that can be planned in a timely manner. Statistics of best-selling products help businesses which have strategies to maximize profits. Minimizing obsolescence due to long inventory

Analyzing various sales according to management goals, helping managers build optimal pricing policies, attracting new customers, and increasing loyalty of old customers.

Easily making sales statistics for each employee, and increasing transparency as well as employees motivation.

The functions of the sales management module that BEMO provides, fully meet the requirements of businesses in sales management such as point-of-sale with many features, purchasing management and payment supplier debt, warehouse management, effective cash flow management that can connect to external systems such as electronic invoices…

However, the strength of ERP is overall governance. Therefore, if there is only one sale management module, you will not be able to optimize all business resources. BEMO is built with standard processes, to be able to connect data, create close coordination between departments. As a result, the working efficiency is optimized and increases the proactive control for leaders and managers.