Which skills are needed in the digital transformation century?

Each person needs to have the necessary skills to succeed in their career, especially in times of rapid change. However, what skills are needed in this digital transformation generation? Let’s get it at the article below:

1. Enhance community skills


Communication skills are the top factor that you need to improve in the digital generation because it helps you to persuade others in society. You are able to recognize a person who has excellent communication skills through fluent content, calm, and confidence from clothes to body gestures.

Therefore, you can practice this skill by meeting with workmates or teamwork to find out solutions. Besides that, you also show your communication skills through listening to others that help create active two-way exchange in conversation.

2. Visibility

This is one of the essential skills in the 4.0 generation as you will learn the ability to analyze problems from observation. It is helpful for you when receiving information from others. You need to ask yourself these questions: “What is the problem?” or “What information is conveyed?” then you can give the best solution.

In addition, when you practice this essential skill you also increase your memorization skills and problem-solving skills to handle many tasks.

3. Creativity


Creativity is one of the most necessary skills that you need to improve to serve your work and none can help you with that but yourself. Therefore, instead of doing a virtual job with the same results, you better look for other ways to complete it faster and more efficiently.

4. Learn and receive criticism

A good employee is having the ability to listen and receive criticism to be better. However, the ego keeps most employees moving backward.

Thus, to learn this skill you need to learn how to listen to others and put your pride aside. Because of that, you will be better through others’ evaluations and pointing out your weaknesses.

5. Solve Problems

This is an essential and important skill of each employee. Leaders always expect their members to have good ideas to solve problems.

Based on this skill, leaders also evaluate members about the ability to lead internal work or work with partners.

Therefore, you should improve your knowledge, experience to solve problems flexibly and reach higher positions.

6. Goat setting skill

Just imagine where would you go when the goal is not on your career path? This easily makes you confused, anxious and become a loser.

Thus, all you need is to set a goal, know clearly what exactly you want to achieve. You should start with a short-term goal to observe the effect then set many more other goals in the future.

7. Teamwork skill

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. Do you get what it means?

It is extremely true in the working environment because an organization that wants to grow needs to have a united team. Last but not least is that an individual can not bring large benefits dependently.

Therefore, you should learn how to cooperate with others to reach the general objective. During working together, leaders can evaluate each member then make chances for them to be promoted.

8. Make Decision

This skill helps you to know how to consider, analyze problems when giving answers to achieve success. It requires you to take action and come up with many conclusions before proposing the best solution.

Thus, you should improve this skill from small things in your life and from solving problems at work. Day by day, you will be much more confident when making the right decisions.

9. Work well under pressure

The digital transformation generation has chances and challenges. You better practice yourself to work well under pressure. If that happens, you will never be depressed when challenges come up.

10. Self-discipline

A successful person can not lack discipline and maintain it in goals. However, it is not easy because most individuals are not patient and strict with themself.

To practice this skill, you need to seriously implement it daily through work and life to create a habit. Then, your spirit will be stronger when you deploy every objective and easily achieve success. Let’s start with small objectives from now on.

With 10 essential skills for work above, you will easily achieve success. Please keep following BEMO to update more new knowledge continuously.