10 essential skills in the digital transformation era

In the rapid technological change age, every individual needs to learn the necessary skills to have their dream job and achieve success. But what are the skills needed in the digital transformation era? Let’s find out with BEMO in the article below.

1. Enhance community skills

Communication skills in the digital age.
Communication skills are extremely important in the digital age. Source: LinkedIn.

Communication skill is the top factor that you need to learn in the digital age, helping you to persuade others, whether customers, colleagues or leaders. A good communicator is shown through factors such as fluent content,composure, confident appearance from outfit to body gestures.


You can practice this skill through working with colleagues, teamwork, or in discussions to come up with ways to solve problems. Besides, you should also demonstrate communication skills by listening, as this will create more positive two-way communication.

2. Observation skills

This is one of the necessary soft skills in the 4.0 era, observation skills will make you see problems and analyze them more multidimensionally. When you practice this kind of skill, your ability to memorize and chain problems will be very fast, solving problems more effectively..


Observation skills are also useful when you receive information from others. Don’t jump to conclusions, you need to look at all aspects of the problem, asking questions like “What is the problem?”, “What does the information convey?” and then come up with a suitable solution.

3. Creativity

One of the indispensable skills in any job is creativity. Don’t think stereotyped work doesn’t need creativity. Instead of keeping the same pace and method, you can find other ways to get things done faster and with better results.

4. Learn and receive criticism

A good employee is one who listens and accepts the criticism of others to improve himself. However, this skill cannot be learned by everyone because the ego is too big to overcome.


To practice this skill, you must learn to listen to others and put your pride aside. Because of that, you will hear others evaluate your abilities and shortcomings, from which to draw lessons for yourself and find ways to become better.

5. Solve Problems

Problem-solving skills
Problem-solving skills will help employees be proactive in their work and complete their work better. Source: Linkedin.

Problem solving skills is one of the essential and important skills of every employee. Because in corporate governance, problems will always arise, and leaders expect that their employees can promptly provide solutions to problems.

Leaders will rely on this skill to evaluate their employees’ ability to lead internal work well or work with partners successfully. Therefore, you should cultivate knowledge and experience continuously in the working process, flexibly handle troubles in the business, and advance to a higher position.

6. Goat setting skill

Imagine where you would go and what you will reach without setting a goal on your career path.This will leave you in a state of confusion, fear, and failure.

Therefore, you need to know how to set goals, understand what you want, and map out the destination of your career. Start by setting small goals with short deadlines to see results, as well as come up with larger goals later on.

7. Teamwork skill

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” This saying is very true in the corporate environment because an organization that wants to grow needs to have a united team. An individual will not bring great benefits to the business if working alone.


You should learn the skill of getting along well with others, and working towards the common goals of the organization. Through group work interaction, managers and leaders will be able to assess an employee’s true capacity, both professional and social skills, thereby opening a path to further advancement.

8. Decision making

This skill will help you know how to consider and analyze when giving answers to solve problems. This requires that when faced with a problem, you have to brainstorm to dissect aspects and come to conclusions before jumping to the proposed solution step.

You need to hone this skill from small things in life and gain experience through working on problems. Gradually you will feel more confident because of your ability to analyze and make the right decisions.

9. Work well under pressure

The digital transformation era also presents many opportunities and challenges. You should make it a habit to face and complete tasks with intensity. Thus, you will not be discouraged when facing difficulties or pressure in your career advancement.

10. Discipline yourself

A successful person cannot lack discipline, especially maintaining the discipline to achieve goals. But this is not easy, as most individuals will easily get bored and give up halfway. Persistence and being strict with yourself will determine your success in work and life.


To practice this skill, you need to seriously do it every day to create a habit. From there, your will be stronger when accomplishing any goal and easily achieve success. Let’s start with the smallest goals.


If you can gather enough of these 10 necessary skills, then congratulations to be a very capable person and easily achieving success in today’s digital transformation era. However, these skills can all be established and practiced, so be patient and determined. Continue to follow BEMO for updates on practical knowledge and advice.