Does ERP bring the effectiveness in CRM for business?

When implementing the ERP system, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is focused by many businesses, because it is a tool to connect and build close networking with prospects. Let’s find out how this module will help businesses grow in this article.

1. What is CRM?


The concept of Customer Relationship Management is known as CRM and is quite new to Vietnamese businesses, and this is a sharp weapon to help enterprises grow in the digital era. So what is CRM?

CRM is famous as a customer relationship management system that maintains interaction, supports customers in the sales process. This system is a module of ERP that many businesses are interested in.

Because customers are considered a valuable asset of the business, CRM has been born to serve customers’ needs to enhance the brand experience. In addition, as the size of the business grows, customers information will increase and the CRM system has the following functions:

  • Sales automation
  • Improve customer support service
  • Increase the rate of automated marketing
  • Support and manage the sales team

This creates a stronger bond between business and customers.

2. The challenge of business without CRM

Doing business in the digital age, without a customer care system, which is a significant flaw and somewhat outdated compared to competitors. Difficulties in the management process by CRM system works in the traditional way such as:

  • Difficulty in managing customer information – Customer information is gold, and business needs to understand their activities and behaviors such as the number of transactions, email interactions, calls, … in addition to basic data includes name, phone number. With the traditional way of managing information by excel or single software, it is almost impossible, and very difficult to grasp customer psychology, as well as view an overview report about them.
  • Impact on productivity – Many businesses still follow the path of managing customer information through paper, or more modernly with excel. And this affects the productivity and time of employees a lot. Because the dedicated department has to aggregate customer data from various places for analysis and evaluation, so the performance for the main job is divided.
  • Synchronization, data connection and statistical work faced many difficulties, as well as a high error rate. For example, the department that stores customer data in excel, Google Sheet, and the management level cannot grasp timely information due to the lack of a synchronous system and data connection of the relevant departments.
  • Customer retention is really a big challenge for businesses – when interactions between customers and employees are poor or difficult measurement. For instance, when using a manual CRM system, buying habits, buying time, customer preferences… it seems difficult to make statistics or takes a lot of time and human resources to do this. At that time, the rate of customers leaving the brand is very high.

These are challenges for business that lacks digital transformation, and their competitive advantage is greatly limited.

3. BEMO CRM – A Sharp Weapon for Business Growth


The problems of customer management in mid-sized enterprises and above are due to the lack of management systems like ERP. To help businesses better understand what CRM has to offer, let’s find out how ERP brings an effective CRM solution for businesses:

  • Information transparency: Management levels will assign sales targets to each employee (levels can be customized) through the system. Each employee is authorized to view his or her KPIs. Task automation helps employees raise awareness, take initiative in work, and increase motivation because all information is transparent and accurately measured.
  • Improve employee-customer relationships, increase customer retention: CRM has a variety of tools to support customer interaction including email, call, SMS,… The system will record the schedule and use those conversations with contacts on different channels (social networks, email, etc.). From there, businesses can offer the best solutions that suit each customer’s problem, and help them to have a satisfied experience with the business.
  •  Regarding the report, the business side customizes statistics such as the number of shoppers, the most purchased sales channels, diverse sales analysis… The indicators will be displayed on the system, who All authorized users can access in order to update information quickly.
  • All sales, financial, and marketing data are poured into CRM with analytic data, helping administrators make appropriate strategies, like when promoting advertising and promotion campaigns. , which channel or approach is optimal for each customer’s group…
  • In addition, the system also has a useful notification feature to users with sales opportunities, or customer care and outreach activities.

The above are the effects that ERP can do to help businesses get a sharp weapon in customer relationship management. And depending on the needs of each business, BEMO will advise, evaluate, shape, as well as build a comprehensive ERP system.

If you want to experience using the module before you go through with the entire conversion process, you can use each of our features for the most competitive fee.