BEMO – the solution in human resource management

Human resource management with the ERP module brings great benefits in solving the challenges of enterprises and the human resources departments. But the majority of mid and large-sized companies still can’t decide whether they should implement ERP since they need a lot of information to verify the effectiveness. This article will show you how ERP has solved the difficulties in human resource management.

1. The pains in human resource management:


Human resources play a key role in the operating structure of a business, also having a substantial impact on the business’s performance. And every business, no matter how large or small, still has problems when it comes to human resource management, including:

Difficulty in human resource allocation: Managing employees manually will make it crucial for businesses to evaluate and optimize the uses of resources. For instance, when the business performance is not stable, the enterprise does not have a basis for measuring whether the human resource is redundant or not; and conversely, when the business operation is developed, the management board cannot accurately analyze the costs for timely recruitment.

Employee retention: The success of human resource management is having the ability to retain talents, and minimize the employee turnover rate to a minimum. However, the growing business scale will inevitably make mistakes in accurately calculating the productivity of each employee manually, as well as appropriate salary and bonus levels. This is one of the main reasons that affect employees’ decision to leave.

Struggling to keep track of employees’ overall performance: You are a business owner or a manager and imagine you are managing hundreds or even thousands of employees. And when you need general information about the performance, training progress, working experience, … of an employee or a certain department, to be able to make a dec to assign a task or take on a large project? Or suppose you are building a career path for your employees, do you find it painful to rummage through information, even have to patch hundreds of data together?

To solve the problems in resource management, it is necessary to approach digital transformation. To save time and reduce costs, the ERP system is a preferred choice. So what problems does ERP help solve in human resource management? Stay tuned for the next part.

2. How does BEMO vanish the obstacles in human resource management?


The company’s digital transformation is quite complicated, but implementing ERP can simplify the process and bring great outcomes. Let’s take a look at the fundamentals of the HR analysis system as follows:

hr analysis system

Thus, ERP improves and solves difficulties in human resource management as mentioned above. It can be said that ERP is a decent resource to help businesses achieve their goals.

  • Enhancing working networks, and providing the ability to share useful information for related departments promptly on only one system.
  • Minimizing errors in salary calculation, insurance declaration, welfare policy… Improving professionalism.
  • Facilitating internal communication is more effective than communicating via email channel as everything is integrated with the system.
  • ERP also optimizes costs for specialized personnel, payroll staff, administrative staff for contract drafting, communication…
  • The board of directors, or the managers can quickly read the report rather than wait for separate ones from different departments.

In addition, before proceeding to build an ERP system, you can try BEMO’s analytical system at a reasonable cost to make a decision.