Learn the operating secrets of managers at Google

Google – one of the major technology corporations with more than 62,000 employees in the world, has been voted the best place to work by Business Insider magazine.

With a large number of employees, a variety of departments, the seemingly complex administration becomes simpler and more effective than ever. Google’s success comes from constant innovation and excellent management.

So, what human resource management strategy has been applied by Google to reach today’s achievements?

1. Freedom to give ideas

Learn secrets from Google
Google always encourages employees to come up with their own ideas. Source: LinkedIn

At Google, leaders always create conditions for employees to share, exchange and meet through Google Café. Managers believe that this will create a close, diverse environment, make employees comfortable and generate more ideas. Every employee’s idea when presented is actively recognized.

If employees don’t want to present directly to the administrator, they can also email the administrator to exchange problems, questions, or suggestions. Every Friday, Google holds a meeting called TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) to discuss the week’s events. In addition to encouraging employees to express their opinions, they also encourage them to present their thoughts on other notable topics.

2. Employee-centric and build employee company

Humans are the valuable assets of businesses, so Google always puts employees at the center of development, they consider employees’ voices to be important contributions to the success and innovation of the business. Before an event, Google employees are often asked questions through a Moderator (online forum discussion), and individuals are given a vote to choose the most interesting question. So when the event takes place, the content of the problem, the question is contributed to built by everyone.

In addition, Google also uses a 20% policy, allowing employees to spend 1/5 of the time working on projects they find interesting. Typically: Moderator, Gmail, Google Earth…are the results of this 20% tactic. This is the key to successful product and service development, because the employees ready to dedicate when they can do what they love and are recognized.

3. Approaching and handling the company’s problems

Building a team
Learn Google’s operating secrets to help businesses exploit employee talent effectively. Source: LinkedIn

The next key to Google’s success is how they approach and handle business problems. Google will focus only on the problem, not too much on the person causing the problem. Because they think:

  • Every employee wants good results: managers at Google understand that reprimanding employees doesn’t solve problems, it also hurts their morale. Instead, the manager will issue a reminder to the entire team, and focus on explaining the main problem they have. With the above situations, after solving the problem, the manager can give advice and encouragement to help employees learn from experience and become better.
  • Attract and record the majority opinion:
  • If the manager only focuses on the mistake and forces the person causing the problem to come up with a solution, the problem will not be solved effectively, but it will also take a lot of time for the business. When bringing a problem of a certain department into the public discussion, employees of other departments can sometimes also bring valuable ideas and suggestions, helping to find solutions and solve problems quickly.
  • Google chooses to publicize the problems of each department, because they want to open up opportunities for individuals who are interested and want to try their hand at it. When employees come up with solutions and solve problems together, the results are naturally better.
  • Let all employees know the specific direction of the company with the “culture of sharing”: Information transparency is considered the second pillar of Google’s culture. Employees are granted access to the launch roadmap, product plans, monthly and weekly goals… from the first day of employment. It is the “comfort” in the way of information sharing, this problem of Google has removed the wall separating departments and employees from each other and is completely different from the traditional, decentralized and management style. tight control.

Besides, polling employees on outstanding issues is also a unique culture successfully built by Google. For each problem, a separate team will be formed to solve it.

4. 8 principles when operating

The next factor that can be mentioned in its operations is that Google has applied the management method “8 habits of effective managers”. This is considered a set of principles to improve the skills of managers at Google, helping businesses operate well and achieve high efficiency. Here are those habits:

  • Become a talented “captain”: skillfully balance the positive and negative elements in your comments. Organize meetings and present solutions according to each employee’s strengths.
  • Decentralize the team instead of managing individually: managers need to balance empowering employees to handle work, being ready to support, offering motivating challenges and creating conditions for employee development. pellets.
  • Reward employees’ success: a timely compliment will be a great source of motivation for employees, making them feel recognized, and helped in their work.
  • Clear goal orientation: managers need to focus on the goals that the business is aiming for and set specific goals for each employee, team, and group so that the work can be deployed in the most effective way. From there, teams and employees will know what is the priority work and make appropriate decisions and implementations.
  • Become a friendly boss: managers are always listening, ready to share all problems, and create open and comfortable dialogues for employees.
  • Develop career paths for employees: support and provide orientation and development roadmap for employees.
  • Having a clear strategic vision for the working team: always attaching the mission and goals to the group’s actions and closely following the set corporate strategy.
  • Constantly improving technology skills: keeping up with the transformation of the times, digital technology is always the top criterion for the development of businesses. When managers are fully equipped with these skills, they can easily support employees when needed and tackle challenges well with technology.

Above are the secrets of operating and managing human resources that create Google’s success. Bemo hopes that through this article, enterprises will have more experience in building a subtainable corporate culture, managing and operating jobs. If your business is looking for the right set of digital transformation solutions to support staff building, contact Bemo immediately for a free consultation and experience!