Is building a corporate culture really urgent?

Many businesses still do not fully understand the value of building a corporate culture, and miss the activities that bring many benefits to the organization. This article explains what corporate culture is and why building a sustainable culture is important for businesses.

1. What is corporate culture? 

When it comes to the concept of corporate culture, we can find hundreds of different arguments online. Because the corporate culture of each organization will be different, and depends on the point of view of the leadership or the owner.

What is corporate culture? 
Learn the core values of the corporate culture. Source: LinkedIn.

But the core values ​​in the corporate culture that every organization should have – beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and mindsets – apply to all internal employees. Creating a corporate culture that differs from the competition in the market is the result of these factors.

By building an internal culture, a business will attract more talented employees, because the employees see the value of being part of the organization. Three values should be considered by Vietnamese companies when building their corporate culture:

  • Honesty – Ensuring that no one cheats at work, strictly obeys regulations, or takes advantage of public property is one of this value’s responsibilities.
  • Self-discipline – A value that motivates employees to work proactively, take responsibility for results, and dedicate themselves to the organization’s success.
  • Right attitude – Words must be humble, communicating with the right people.

Besides, businesses can also build a culture of creativity, solidarity, understanding… to help the collective achieve more values. By combining these values, the business will gain a unique identity, a brand image, and a higher level of prestige.

2. Why should corporate culture be built? 

Building a corporate culture
Why should businesses build their own culture? Source: LinkedIn.

It can be said that corporate culture is one of the factors that determine the success of an organization, and is an intangible asset that makes a brand difference. Therefore, the benefits of building a corporate culture include:

  • Employee Dedication – When a business has a solid corporate culture, employees are more willing to contribute. Work environments are consistent, colleagues are respected, fair business is conducted, processes are seamless, and connections are forged. Their loyalty will increase, their job hopping will be reduced, and their cost will be optimized.
  • Limit conflicts – Organizational culture eliminates employee conflicts by establishing a standard of behavior, uniformity of work processes, and putting each other first.
  • Improve work efficiency – Having clear direction, clear goals, and good relationships among colleagues motivates employees to work enthusiastically.
  • The advantage of attracting talent – ​​Creating a corporate culture can attract talent by establishing good policies, a high degree of discipline, and a clearly defined development roadmap. Several candidates want to join and contribute their energy to the business because of these factors.
  • Sustainable development – By implementing corporate cultures, businesses can eliminate unsuitable human resources and replace them with people who share the company’s development orientation. This brings stability, attachment and long-term development to the business.

We believe that businesses with the right culture will naturally achieve values such as stellar customer service, long-term branding, passionate employees and loyal customers. As a result, your company’s culture will become its brand. Check out this article if you’re interested in how businesses can build cultures.

With the above great benefits, corporate culture has proven its importance and necessity, promoting cohesion, values, and trust among all human resources. Corporate culture combined with ERP digital transformation will give businesses a sharp weapon to compete in the market, as well as easier administration. Please contact BEMO for advice on implementing and experiencing ERP at the most competitive cost.