How to build an effective recruitment plan?

Planning recruitment is not easy, because you need to understand the bottlenecks that the process, resources are facing to propose solutions in your plan. However, BEMO will make it easier for you to build a plan in this article. 

1. Provide detailed internal process

To have a recruitment plan with an appropriate process and strategy to attract talent, the specialized department needs to review its past activities to adjust and evaluate. 


First, the recruitment department should review steps in the recruitment process, such as submitting a request, and describing the job, to see if there are three problems:

  • The department sends recruitment requests by paper documents or information sheets sent by email.
  • The job description has not been updated by the departments yet.
  • Lack of tools to connect recruitment requisitions and specialized departments.

These are issues that need to be considered in the first step of the recruitment plan since failure to improve internal processes can affect the outcome of talent recruitment for vacancies.

Specifically, if the recruitment department lacks updated job descriptions from the requesting department, it will lead to misleading communication when posting candidates. This leaves a bad impression when the actual job is different from the description conveyed on recruitment channels. 

2. Analyze the weaknesses of the current recruitment process

Analysis and correction are continuous processes in enterprise administration in general, and the recruitment department in particular, to provide solutions to overcome the workflow.

Therefore, the specialized department should analyze the recruitment process according to the following steps: 

2.1. Identify the important steps

At this step, you need to determine in the hiring process, which step is the most important, and who should be responsible for improving the process.

You can start with the request step and the job descriptions of the departments. If there is no common management software, make sure the requests they submit with paper documents are well managed, the recruitment department understands all the information from their request.

To identify gaps in the recruitment process, you should survey so that the staff will respond most accurately. Thus, your recruiting department can improve quickly. 

2.2. Is the recruitment channel effective?

Recruitment channels have the role of communicating and attracting talents, if chosen incorrectly, it will affect the input results.

So, before making a recruitment plan, how should the professional department analyze and evaluate the job posting channels? And which channel do most of the records come from? Is the quality of candidates from those channels satisfactory?

From there, you can allocate resources, budget to work, as well as invest more in channels that are yielding many quality profiles. 

2.3. Analyze and apply recruitment processes from large corporations

To have a more thorough recruitment plan, the specialized department should learn from large corporations. Because they have had a rigorous recruitment process, and continuous improvement.

When you learn from big companies, you can apply their recruiting methods and processes to your business, or replace existing gaps quickly. 

3. Complete the recruitment plan sheet 


Once you’ve assessed and analyzed your internal and external processes, it’s time to use the information above to come up with a complete recruitment plan. 

Specifically, you should include in your hiring plan work items such as:

  • Summary of departmental positions that need to be recruited
  • Update job descriptions from departments
  • Proposing an overall management software like ERP so that departments can connect and work quickly, instead of by manual method.
  • Adjust recruitment channels
  • Recruitment deadlines for the positions
  • Budgeting for recruitment activities

The above is a way to build an effective recruitment plan that the recruitment department should consider implementing. Besides, if you still do not have a system to connect departments to work according to the process, you can contact BEMO for advice on ERP – The overall management system to help optimize the recruitment process. applied to the rest of the business operations.