Steps to build an effective recruitment plan

A recruitment plan is not easy when you need to understand the bottlenecks of the process, what problems the resources are facing, so you can propose solutions. However, BEMO will make it easier for you to build a recruitment plan in today’s article.

1. Provide detailed internal process

In Reviewing the past activities is crucial for adjusting and evaluating the recruitment plan, and for attracting talent.

How to build a successful recruitment plan
Building a detailed internal process is the first step to a successful recruitment business. Source: whrg.com

First, the recruitment department should review whether the following three problems are encountered during the first steps in the recruitment process:

  • The department sends recruitment requests by paper documents, or information sheets sent by email
  • The job description has not been updated from the departments yet
  • Lack of tools to connect recruitment requisitions and specialized departments

These are issues that should be considered in the first step of a company’s recruitment plan. If the internal process is not improved, it may affect the results of talent recruitment for vacant positions.

In particular, if the recruitment department lacks updated job descriptions from the requesting department, candidates will be miscommunicated. A job description that differs from the actual job leaves a bad impression.

2. Analyze the weaknesses of the current recruitment process

Providing solutions for overcoming workflow challenges is a continuous process within corporate governance, and especially in recruitment.

Therefore, the specialized department should analyze the recruitment process according to the following steps:

2.1. Identify the important steps

In this step, you need to determine which steps are most important in the hiring process, and who should be responsible for improving it.

You can start with the request step and the job descriptions of the departments. The recruitment department should understand all the information in their requests if there is no common management software.

To identify gaps in the recruitment process, you should set up a survey for departmental staff to answer most accurately. From there, the recruitment department can understand and modify quickly.

2.2. Analyze the effectiveness of the recruitment channel

Input results will be affected if the recruitment channels are chosen incorrectly.

How should the professional department analyze and evaluate job posting channels before making a recruitment plan? Which channels do most of the records come from? Is the quality of candidates from those channels satisfactory?

From there, you can allocate resources, budget to work, and invest more in channels that are delivering quality profiles.

Besides, you also need to take care and invest in a complete recruitment channel, so you need to avoid common mistakes in the current recruitment process.

2.3. Analyze and apply recruitment processes from large corporations 

In order to have a more thorough recruitment plan, the specialized department should learn from large corporations. Large corporations have built a professional recruitment process and continuously improve to respond to the change of times.

When you learn from big companies, you can apply their recruiting methods and processes to your business or replace existing gaps.

3. Complete the recruitment plan sheet 

How to build an effective recruitment plan
Develop a detailed recruitment plan to help businesses hunt for talent. Source: whrg.com

Utilizing the information above, come up with a complete recruitment plan once you’ve evaluated and analyzed your internal and external processes.

Specifically, enterprises should include in their personnel recruitment plan the following work items:

  • Summary of departmental positions that need to be recruited
  • Update job descriptions from departments
  • Propose an overall management software such as ERP so that departments can connect to work quickly instead of using manual methods.
  • Adjust recruitment channels
  • Determine recruitment deadlines for positions
  • Budgeting for recruitment activities

In order to build an effective recruitment plan, the recruitment department should consider implementing the above steps. Furthermore, if you do not have an ERP system to connect departments, you can contact BEMO for advice on ERP – a system designed to optimize recruitment and other management processes.