5 simple ways to turn employees’ creativity

The creativity of employees is always encouraged to contribute to the innovation of the enterprise. However, the business side must promote the creative capacity of its employees in order to accomplish this. BEMO offers five easy suggestions for businesses that want to stimulate employee contributions to ideas.

1. Tell stories related to creativity

For employees to be more creative, leaders should share innovation success stories from large corporations or business partners.

Unleash your creativity
How to help businesses stimulate creativity from employees. Source:

 But for the story to be effective, you should put it in your head 3 questions:

  • Is the use of the story meaningful and necessary for the current team?
  • What message do you want to convey from the story?
  • What aspects of the story can stimulate employees to think creatively and innovate?

You should only share stories with a common message to motivate employees to change and bring out more creative ideas in the organization. Communicating in a positive manner will also stimulate an enthusiastic atmosphere within the organization.

The world’s largest companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc., prove that the creative ideas of their employees lead to many success products and services.

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2. Encourage employees to share about innovation

Holding discussions with employees is a way for them to move from thinking creatively to putting ideas into practice. As a result, the leadership may request to hold short talks of about 30 minutes with all internal members. Do they have any new ideas for the organization’s innovation that are satisfactory for the upcoming changes? Let them freely discuss this.

In this way, the leadership has inspired and motivated employees to come up with ideas to contribute to organizational change. Leaders must play both the role of a listener and an encourager in the discussion by being both a listener and an encourager.

3. Learn from mistakes

Admitting mistakes is a virtue in business.
Whether you are an employee or a leader, you need to know how to admit mistakes and correct them. Source:

Admitting mistakes and learning from them will help your business grow. Taking advantage of mistakes at work was a strength of Michael Alter, president of the online financial calculation service Sure Payroll. Specifically, Michael motivated employees to be creative by having them point out the mistakes in the organization through the “Best New Mistakes” contest. In this contest, employees must point out new holes in the business but must be surprised to win.

4. Commit to invest in employees’ ideas

Employees will be more willing to engage in innovation when the business itself makes a commitment to invest in their viable proposals. The business community should commit to investing in new technology when they come up with ideas with clear presentations and budgets, instead of “just watching” and letting it fade into obscurity.

This will motivate many other employees in the organization to proactively give new ideas and suggestions to help improve the business.

5. Publicly Commendation

A public thank-you should be offered to employees when their contributions are valuable to the company, while conveying the message that everyone can contribute as well. This is the motivation to motivate employees to bring out their full creativity.

The above are ways to help increase creativity in a business environment that you can refer to. Hope this article has brought useful information for businesses, follow BEMO to update more useful management information as task management, soft skill,…