Factors that reduce work performance

Employee performance frequently declines as the size of the business grows, which has a financial and resource impact on the business. This article will discuss the major factors influencing employee performance. 1. Lack of connection between employees Employee performance factors can include a lack of cohesion between employees and management. At the time, management is unsure whether the employee's work is difficult or not. Employees believe their superiors do not...
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Tips: 9 customer care skills for employees

In today's fiercely competitive business environment, customer care and retention is one of the important factors that determine the existence and development of a business. Therefore, equipping employees with the necessary knowledge in customer care is a way for businesses to maintain good relationships with customers. The following article, Bemo will provide businesses with 9 skills to build an effective customer care team. 1. Patience [caption id="attachment_5944" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Patience...
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Is after-sales customer care necessary?

Every business wants loyal customers and long-term brand support. But many businesses do not care about after-sales customers and cause many losses. In today's post, BEMO will explain the importance of after-sales customer care, and give some suggestions to improve the customer experience. 1. Should we take care of customers' after-sales? Customers are a valuable asset, because they are advocates, spreading the brand to many audiences. Therefore, even though customers...
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6 basic steps to build a sustainable corporate culture

Corporate culture is an intangible asset that adds a lot of value to employee engagement. In today's volatile market, a company that lacks culture, vision, core values, and long-term development strategies will fail. It is true that the age of company culture can outlive the life of the business leader. We see many businesses that have been around for over a century, constantly evolving and bringing positive values to society....
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7 steps to build a cohesive sales team

A significant business potential is the sales team. They are the ones who make ideas, plan and put them into action, generate revenue, and support maintaining and expanding the organization's size. However, the sales team still lacks coherence and has a high rate of job switching in many companies. By offering seven suggestions for creating a business team, BEMO hopes to assist businesses in improving the cohesiveness of this team...
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Is building a corporate culture really urgent?

Many businesses still do not fully understand the value of building a corporate culture, and miss the activities that bring many benefits to the organization. This article explains what corporate culture is and why building a sustainable culture is important for businesses. 1. What is corporate culture?  When it comes to the concept of corporate culture, we can find hundreds of different arguments online. Because the corporate culture of each...
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Motivating employees, easy or difficult? Should discipline be introduced into governance?

Motivation and discipline are two management factors commonly used in organizations and businesses to increase productivity. However, the effective application of these two forms is still a challenge for many managers. So, which implementation is suitable for your business? Learn more with Bemo through the article below. 1. Is it easy or difficult to motivate employees? [caption id="attachment_6854" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Motivating employees is a difficult problem for enterprises. Source: insead.edu[/caption]...
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The importance of soft skills training for employees

To assist employees in improving their own capabilities and contributing to the organization, soft skills training is a vital activity in every company. However, many businesses ignore the great benefits of training employees in soft skills. What skills should employees be trained, as well as why they should be trained? 1. Why should soft skills be trained for employees? [caption id="attachment_6862" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Is soft skills training for personnel really...
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Management by objectives and how to build KPI’s for efficiency?

To achieve set goals, businesses must create a system of KPIs to monitor and evaluate their work performance. But what if you have no idea where to begin? Find out how to build KPIs for businesses to control goals effectively in the following article. 1. KPIs in management according to business goals [caption id="attachment_6872" align="aligncenter" width="720"] What KPIs should be included in enterprise goal management? Source: Pinterest[/caption] KPIs - Key...
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