Learn the operating secrets of managers at Google

Google - one of the major technology corporations with more than 62,000 employees in the world, has been voted the best place to work by Business Insider magazine. With a large number of employees, a variety of departments, the seemingly complex administration becomes simpler and more effective than ever. Google's success comes from constant innovation and excellent management. So, what human resource management strategy has been applied by Google to...
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How to manage time to optimize work result

Time management is a skill that is required from the employee to the management level, but most people still face problems when it comes to organizing their time at work. In this article, BEMO will share how to effectively manage time, and point out the causes of wasting your time. 1. Point out the "Thief" of time [caption id="attachment_5841" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Effective time management will make your work more efficient....
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How to hunt talent in the digital transformation era effectively?

Talent hunting has never stopped being exciting, especially in the digital age, when employers need to adapt to constant changes and have a clear direction. This article will provide information to help businesses know how to recruit in the digital age to attract talent. 1. Secrets of successful recruitment from big companies [caption id="attachment_5854" align="aligncenter" width="720"] The lesson form Elon Musk.Source: LinkedIn.[/caption] To hunt for talent in the digital age,...
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Understanding Generation Y and Z in recruitment

With an abundant workforce, Generation (Gen) Y & Z has been a sought-after target of businesses to devote to long-term development. But to recruit Gen Y & Z requires employers to map out the right attraction strategy, as well as connect with previous generations. However, who is this new generation, and what do they need from the business to be able to give their best efforts and deliver glorious achievements?...
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Five best efficient human resources models nowadays

In the digital era, human resource management plays an important role in every business. An effective human resource management model will enable managers to optimize work productivity, accomplish set goals, and grow the business. Human resource management model is all activities of an enterprise to attract, build, develop, evaluate and retain high-quality human resources. Depending on the size and development of the business, the managers will build different models. This...
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Structure for resolving “Employee working late” situation is excellent

It has a significant impact on the organization when employees are frequently late for any reason. Most companies do not sympathize with employees who are often late for any reason. We invite you to join BEMO to dig deeper into the problem of employee tardiness, as well as discover "great tricks" to help improve this situation. 1. Employee's "chronic" reason for tardiness [caption id="attachment_6752" align="alignright" width="720"] What should businesses do...
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Become artists with the art of rewarding employees the right way

Rewarding employees is indeed not easy because human resources today require to be met both mentally and physically. In this article, BEMO will point out mistakes in rewarding employees, as well as suggest tips to help leaders apply the art of rewarding employees effectively. 1. Mistakes in judging rewards Don't think employees are selling their labor to receive salary by relying solely on monthly pay slips to acknowledge their contributions!...
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What is PDCA? When should PDCA be applied?

One of the principles that created a breakthrough for the Japanese economy in the 90s was "continuous improvement" with the PDCA cycle. This was considered the guiding principle in the production of enterprises at that time. Along with the constant fluctuations and development of the economy, today PDCA is still applied effectively by businesses. In this article, Bemo will provide an overview of PDCA - a well-known looping model that...
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Build an effective task management process

Any business needs to build an effective task management process. This is an important factor to help optimize resources, limit waste of time and is the foundation for the sustainable development of the business. However, building an effective job assignment process, suitable for businesses, requires a lot of knowledge and certain skills. Join with BEMO and find out more deeply through this article. 1. Why should you develop a task...
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