Understanding Generation Y and Z in recruitment

With an abundant workforce, Generation (Gen) Y & Z has been a sought-after target of businesses to devote to long-term development. But to recruit Gen Y & Z requires employers to map out the right attraction strategy, as well as connect with previous generations.

However, who is this new generation, and what do they need from the business to be able to give their best efforts and deliver glorious achievements?

1. Who are Generation Y and Z?

How are Gen Y and Z different?
How are Gen Y and Z different? Source: LinkendIn.

These are two emerging concepts in the past few years and are exploited a lot from fields such as Marketing and HR. So how do we understand it?

Gen Y – used to refer to people born between 1980 and 1996, this is the period when technology began to break through with many inventions to serve human needs. And this generation has a hasty personality like a technology boom, so they always want the work to be quick and immediate.

Gen Z – This generation is said to be born from 1997 to 2015, they are more favored when life has many conveniences such as smartphones and computers. Currently, this concept is still controversial because many people believe that Generation Z was born earlier than that time.

2. What does Gen Y need from the business?

Understanding what Gen Y needs to help businesses have reasonable training methods and policies
Understanding what Gen Y needs to help businesses have reasonable training methods and policies. Source: LinkendIn.

Currently, the age of Gen Y falls between 25-41, and they grasp technology knowledge very quickly. At the same time, the labor density of this age group is currently the highest and plays a key role in the market.

Gen Y always aspires to have the opportunity to express themselves, as well as the need to be trained by businesses to develop their careers. Based on Bridge’s research, 86% stay with the company, when Gen Y is engaged in training courses, they will be eager to work.

Besides, when joining any organization, Gen Y also requires promotion, and the business is ready to support them. Accordingly, employers should pay attention when intending to recruit this object:

  • Apply gamification model – Businesses should divide their work into many small fractions and there are rewards after completing each task.
  • Acknowledgment – Since they are the generation that requires everything to be done right away, their ego is very high. Hence, they always want to be recognized by their superiors and make more efforts.
  • Influencing corporate culture – Because they want to show their ability, they always want to have an influence on the business. Therefore, leaders should let them share their voices in the organizational culture so that they feel more valued and attached.
  • Digital working environment – Because they are the generation born in the period of booming technology, they always want digital devices to be applied in work. The modern, digitized working environment always attracts them to work for a long time.

3. The new generation – Gen Z needs a new recruiting style

Businesses need to change recruitment methods for Gen Z
Businesses need to change recruitment methods for Gen Z. Source: LinkedIn.

Following Generation Y, Gen Z has had the opportunity to inherit modern technology since birth, and gradually becomes an indispensable need in life. According to reports, a 10-year-old Gen Z has at least one phone, and it takes about 3 hours to use it every day.

 With strong demand for technology, they are always wanting to experience new technologies quickly in order to appear “stylish”. This also applies to their work, which always requires all processes to be automated, or with the insertion of software.

In addition, Generation Z also sympathizes with businesses that care about social activities (CSR), and valuable work for everyone. Therefore, to entice Gen Z to join the business, it is necessary to:

  • Auto Administration System – Using task managing software such as ERP shall improve productivity and create enterprise value.
  • Regular feedback – Gen Z is very eager to improve themselves from the feedback of their superiors, as this shows whether their work is in the right direction of the business. Thus, management needs to provide feedback and evaluation continuously during working with them to be able to motivate them to work more effectively.
  • Businesses must support employees – Just like Gen Y, Gen Z sets a lot of career expectations, and they want to receive a promotion commitment from the company. Therefore, they need to participate in skills and career training courses, invest money in external learning sessions to develop themselves, etc. This will motivate them to work with a thicker workload and more quality.
  • Transparency – Transparency for Gen Z is an opportunity to strive to compete at work, and they always want announcements and policies to be clearly communicated through internal communication channels or meetings. emergency meeting when problems arise.

By understanding Gen Y and Z, businesses can come up with appropriate strategies to attract and retain them for a long time. Additionally, because they were born in the digital age, they always expect businesses to apply technology to the management process to optimize efficiency. Consequently, businesses can choose BEMO ERP systems or convenient management software to motivate them to work.