Automating every procedure

Saving time in carrying out procedures and personnel operations. Minimizing delays and errors.


A comprehensive picture of human resources

Help leaders catch up immediately with a variety of reports on personnel changes, recruitment efficiency, wage fund, ... on any devices.


Effective human resource management

Strategic planning for appropriate resource use. Connecting data with modules to help overall business management.

BEMO - Recruitment Management

Building a smart recruitment process

  • Process automation

    Automating the recruitment process for businesses, reducing processing time, data entry... increasing the efficiency of the talent search.

  • Diversified Integration

    Integrate with many leading recruitment websites.

  • Smart suggestions

    Suggest suitable candidates for the position posted.

  • Design your own templates

    Easily design application forms for each position, job offer letter...

  • Interface compatibility

    Compatible with computer, tablet, and mobile phone interfaces.

  • Flexible design

    Flexibility in designing interfaces and databases according to your enterprise's needs.

  • Optimization

    Optimize the available candidate data source.

BEMO - Human Resource Information Management

A talking data set about human resource management

  • Effective drafting

    Effective contract drafting and management.

  • Smart benefits management

    Design and manage a policy system, transparent benefits, support accurate salary calculation.

  • Ease of use

    Intuitive management interface, easy to use for departments.

  • Optimizing human resources

    Helping enterprises evaluate employees' work, results, training...

  • Provide data

    Provide comprehensive data for employees throughout the working process at the enterprise.

BEMO – Timekeeping Management

Saving time for timekeeping

  • Fast

    Show timekeeping information quickly and intelligently to employees and managers.

  • Easy feedback

    Easily get the feedback of employees on timekeeping information.

  • Save time

    No more wasting time manually comparing data from different sources.

  • Simple administration

    Helps managers easily approve and manage the working time of members in the department.

  • Divers connection

    Connect to many different timekeeping management applications.

  • Flexible

    Flexible filters help users search conveniently.

  • Convenient rendering

    Easily import and export databases to meet business requirements.


Simplify the payroll process

  • Tailored design

    Design payroll following enterprise's needs.

  • Flexible

    Option to calculate salary according to each employee's assigned work performance.

  • Optimal usage

    Manage salary costs for departments, enterprises effectively use human resources.

  • Security

    Set to automatically send the correct payslips to employees

BEMO - Training

Developing a powerful team.

  • Smart supporting tool

    Smart 4.0 training support tool.

  • Comprehensive assessment

    Monitor and comprehensively evaluate the training process of employees from internal training to external training.

  • Career path

    Design a professional and reasonable promotion route.

  • Sustainable plan

    Make a training plan to develop sustainable human resources.


Grow with your business!