Tips: Convince leaders to innovate with technology

Leadership persuasion is a formidable skill and requires innovators who have to be skillful with wise tactics. So, in this article, BEMO will suggest 3 simple tips to convince your superiors to deploy new technology for smoother operation.

1. Support from colleagues

Have you ever heard “many a little makes a mickle”? This quote holds true for the collective environment, as most leaders will listen to more employees than an individual. So, to increase the pressure and easily convince the “boss” to pay for a technology “revolution”, you should seek support from colleagues or subordinates.

It is the solidarity of recommendations, business leaders will recognize the problem, and easily accept the innovative solutions that employees offer. And for your successful innovation strategy, you can call for your mid-level colleagues because they understand employee performance and gaps in the work system. Besides, they also have a voice over the staff level.

2. Convince by the value that technology brings to businesses


Surely, leaders will withdraw their “wallets” when they see the investment value that new technology brings to their business (ROI). Therefore, you need to include this beneficial aspect in your proposal with desirable numbers of sales growth or a successful governance process to increase the excitement of senior leadership.

Therefore, we draw the conclusion that when persuading your superiors, you need to show two values, including:

  • Tangible value: When you show leaders measurable data that can be optimized such as revenue, administrative costs, increased market share, or increased labor efficiency thanks to the proposed technology.
  • Intangible value: This is a benefit that takes time to evaluate, but is also important when convincing leaders to innovate. Intangible improvements can include customer satisfaction, organizational member morale, or more transparent work.

So, before presenting your idea of ​​innovation with technology, you need to take time to collect data from the businesses that have been successful using this software, and how they have improved the organization. From there, you can choose the right benefits to convince the leadership.

For example, if you want to make a proposal to change the operating process using ERP, you can get a successful metric from PNJ – they have skyrocketed sales by 190%, or profits by 630%, and decreased by 1 -3% employee job-hopping rate. Such talking numbers will stimulate the leadership to rush to deploy new technology.

3. Revealing the eloquent instinct

Even if you have all of the above tactics, you will fail if you lack eloquent instinct skills. And to increase your persuasion, you can apply the principle from Aristotle, which has been learned and used by world leaders like Warren Buffett.


The philosophy of Aristotle has three sides:

  • Ethos – The proponent must show a clear purpose
  • Pathos – To increase success, the proponent needs to understand the audience, who they are? And what is the factor that touches their emotions?
  • Logos – Persuasion will be enhanced when the proponent presents clear, factual evidence that is relevant to the current situation.

It looks like you need to take the following steps:

  • Bring up the problem that is standing in the department or business, but make sure you are the person who is involved in those activities every day, and aggregate them to compare effectiveness with the technologies that need to be applied.
  • Next, you need to bring up emotional elements such as current employees facing pressure, or difficulties in the manual workflow. In this step, you bring out as many difficulties from the collective opinion as possible, because it will affect the psychology of action from the leadership.
  • Finally, you should include success data from large corporations, or competitors in the same industry that have used technology to grow, minimizing input costs.

This is a small example so that you can better understand the principles of Aristotle’s rhetoric, and in the table, you must update as detailed step by step that will increase the success rate of persuasion.

Based on the 3 elements in the article, you can confidently make a technological innovation proposal for your department or business easily. And remember that persuasion comes from numbers for leadership level, and you must work to prove your proposition right after implementation with financial metrics.