Flexible assignment

Actively monitor the work progress of employees on the system with lively and easy-to-use interfaces.


Enhance performance

Easy assignment, simple operation, intuitive interface, multidimensional reports and close to reality, helping managers to control work effectively.


Assessment objectively, cost optimization

Provides an overview of employee resource allocation, helping managers to make appropriate decisions to business strategies.

BEMO - Project and Task Management

Flexible and smart tracking

  • Project database

    Projects information is shown in specific, allowing departments to monitor, track the general status and progress of other projects corresponding to the roles set.

  • Comprehensive management, smart organization

    Easily monitor the progress of implementation in many forms and views from graphs to data.

  • Convenience, transparency and straightforward in task assignment

    Visually display all tasks, easily create and assign to employee, allowing role setting in work.

  • Communication effectively

    Departments easily connect, manage, share job information and data on Bemo Cloud.

BEMO - Report

Easy management, enhance performance

  • Progress and result report

    Project data are accessed based on the roles set and easy export reports.

  • Standardized data, minimizing errors

    Data are connected to other platforms with similar digital technology following rules to standardize data and minimize errors.

  • Work statistics

    Quickly export statistics about work status, conversion rate and completion level.

  • Report and measure employee performance

    Report the performance of each employee as well as measure, evaluate the level of completion and productivity.

BEMO - Resource allocation management

The big picture helping optimize the employee resource allocation

  • Logical resource allocation

    Have an overview of available resources and allocate them to projects, tasks logically. Measure and control the workload for every single employee effortlessly.

  • Integrate employee's calendar

    Employees can easily keep track of the other member's working schedules, from which they can conveniently arrange meetings and work together.

  • Easy information sharing

    Employees could share and discuss work through Bemo's chat easily.

  • Automatic notifications and reminders

    Assigned work will be automatically added to the calendar and sent reminders to employees, ensure completion time and work progress.


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