Comprehensive Management

The optimal solution for enterprises when integrating many features: sales, purchases, goods, invoices, 3rd party management, and peripheral application integration.


Smart Business Administration

Manage sales situations quickly, and handle timely at all stages of business activities to make accurate decisions.


Friendly sales interface

Designed according to enterprises' needs and quickly compatible with smart devices.

BEMO - Order management

Smart management processes for businesses

  • Convenient sales

    Sell merchandise at the store with a professional system, connecting sales devices such as barcode scanners, helping to calculate money quickly and accurately.

  • Effective control

    Set up a variety of payment methods, control the cash flow of the business.

  • Easy integration

    Integrate with peripheral devices and external systems such as electronic invoices, retail invoices, etc.

  • Quick connection

    Integrate with various sales channels, e-commerce platforms, and delivery systems.

  • Diversity Management

    Accurately and effectively set up and control a variety of promotions, coupons, vouchers...

BEMO - Inventory management

Efficient inventory management - Increase sales performance

  • Quick control

    Control accurate and timely inventory numbers. Helping businesses to easily know which items are running low or inventory too long to the timely sales plan.

  • Convenient inventory

    Know the exact location of goods at warehouses through stored data. Thereby helping employees pick up goods easily and save time.

  • Supporting import decisions

    Enterprises make more accurate decisions in importing goods thanks to the list of best-selling products, inventory history on the management software.

  • Accurate update

    Actual inventory quantity will be updated to inventory management software. From there, it is possible to calculate the exact revenue and profit.

BEMO - Purchasing Management

Optimizing purchasing processes

  • Centralized management

    Manage quotes, purchase orders, debt... with highly efficient suppliers on the same interface.

  • Diverse integration

    Compatible with computer, tablet, and mobile phone interfaces. Selling on the phone has never been so easy.

  • Flexible reporting

    The report forms are flexibly designed according to the enterprise's administrative requirements and can be viewed anytime, anywhere.


Grow with your business!