Cost Optimization

Easily look up the usage situation, the number of assets in each department to properly allocate and maximize the use value of the assets.

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Minimize The Risk Of Loss

Process standardization, intelligent asset control. Instantly update property status for repair, maintenance…


Improving The Efficiency Of Management

Improve efficiency, save time on inventory and report on asset usage. From there, proactively plan the budget.

An effective tool for administrators

Asset management in the digital transformation revolution

  • Simple asset inspection

    Easily and quickly control the usage situation, equip equipment and evaluate asset effectiveness.

  • Process optimization

    Support businesses to standardize asset management processes, reduce risks in management or rotation stages, and optimize costs.

  • Effective planning

    Proactive planning budgets.

  • Risks limitation

    Limiting losses and omissions in the asset inventory process.

Smart management solution

Asset management according to standard and complete process

  • Fast processing

    Save processing time, confirm information between departments, support timely and accurate asset allocation/withdrawal/transfer.

  • Centralized management

    Receive and process requests centrally on the same system.

  • Easy access

    Simple retrieval and management, saving inventory time.

  • Accurate update

    Update usage and inventory in a timely and accurate manner.

Employee benefits

Support to improve performance

  • Easy operation

    Easily create requests on the system.

  • Convenient inspection process

    Support the asset management department to search and check to process requests and confirm handover quickly and accurately.

  • Interaction quickly

    Easy interaction feedback between departments, information is updated in time.


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